With an extra half an hour sleep in this morning, the trainees awoke refreshed and ready to start the day after the ritual bath and chores.
Filled with a hearty breakfast, we moved the ship to Motuarohia with a lesson given by crew member Pania on how to bring down the upper and lower topsails, as we get the ship ready for maintenance! After the topsail talk, crew member Wayne talked through how to bring the inner and outer jib off from the bowsprit. Just a slight change from the norm!
Once the anchor was set, crew members Pania and Nate lay aloft with Zayhne, Rionagh and Kedem to start the process of sending down the topsails. Out on the bowsprit, crew member Wayne took Tiahorangi, Rahiri, Leo and Daniel and quickly had the headsails in. Feeling a little left out, Skip Sarianna took Kine, Pearl and Furneaux and down rigged the foresail, then prepared the mainsail to be taken down also. High fives to RJ, our chief photographer.
Fun was had by crew and trainees alike, with the sails being brought in/down in no time at all. Well done everybody!
With a bit of time to spare, we packed lunch and had a picnic, a snorkel and some diving while the sun was out and the water visibility was clear.
Now we’re all tucked and stowed away from the heavy weather predicted in Orokawa Bay, where we are finishing up our booklets, and eagerly awaiting our pork roast last supper.
See you all at 2pm tomorrow!