Kia ora Whanau and welcome to another day of adventure aboard our good ship. We awoke this morning to a windy but rainless sky and all our trainees were keen to brave the morning ritual swim. After our chores and breakfast finished, Kylie and our new navigators planned the days route plan and we set off. The first destination was Motuarohia (Roberton) island, where we boarded our dinghy and went ashore to explore. We scoured the beach for treasures and climbed to the lookout to be blown away in the 30 knot breeze.

On return to the ship, Dharia, Kaitlyn, Lukas, Vahnce, Hamuera and Matiu all tried out the ships rope swing and jumped off the rig and anything else they could find. While all this was going on Wayne knocked up pizzas for lunch, yummo.!! Lunch over we set off for the Te Pahi islands for a dive, Jahnica and Dharia joined the boys to look for some seafood. The water was dirty due to the weather but they still came back with two bags full of kina.

While the divers were exploring the islands, Kaitlyn, Tara and Bianca made chocolate Afghans for the divers return. We then set sail, in blustery winds, for our night anchorage in Whale bay. Our evening meal of Shepherds pie has been demolished and everyone is eagerly awaiting dessert, a lovely chocolate self saucing pudding, things don’t get much better! Except, maybe tomorrow when we finally win the Americas Cup!! Po marie whanau