Kia ora and welcome everyone to another edition of the tales and adventures aboard the R. Tucker Thompson.  The bad weather eased a little this morning and our daily swim took place with patches of blue skies and light breezes,  which made the cool dip a bit more bearable. The trainees are now well accustomed to the routine of the ship so the swims and chores are completed in record times. It just maybe, however, the smells of a hearty breakfast cooking is encouraging them to work faster.

After breakfast dishes were cleaned away our morning lessons involved fishing regulations and route planning, in which,  our new sailors navigated their way around the Bay of Islands. Our plan was to make our way to Urupukapuka Island and explore the walking tracks around the island. We weighed anchor and set off with Kahurangi, Royce and Daniel  taking turns steering the ship to our destination.  Once there we boarded the inflatable and went ashore to explore the island. We followed the DOC tracks and walked along the cliff tops to get a magnificent view of the Bay of Islands. On our return to the ship the heavens opened once again and thoroughly drenched us, so as we were all ready wet, we decided a swim was a good idea.

The aroma of hot chicken soup and freshly baked bread soon enticed everyone below deck and we spent most of the afternoon in the warm comfort of our ships belly, playing games, laughing and joking. As the afternoon wore on the weather gradually got worse, so a decision was made to run for cover and anchor in Waipiro Bay.    The sound of laughter continually rings throughout ship even though the weather is not the best above deck.