We started our day a little earlier today from Oke Bay and made our way towards Cape Brett.
Crew member Terry made us a hearty breakfast of hot porridge on the way, with the help of the ‘3 musketeers’.
With Motukokako looming out of the mist, we slowly, one by one, came up from below to take photos of the ‘hole in the rock’.
We quickly loaded the dinghy with Huia, Nathan, Ethan, Te Wairua, Victor, Juan on the first to go and check out the hole, as the conditions were calm enough.
Once everyone had a chance to go through and check it out, we hoisted the dinghy and set sails and had a wonderful morning sail back to the Bay.
Lunch, Island time, swimming and paddling around in ‘Little Tuck’ was how our wonderful, warm afternoon was spent. During their free time, Abe and Victor made a delicious banana cake that we are now eating, giggling and talking of what they’re going to do when they get home tomorrow.
Photo credit to Huia Webby