June 19th we awoke in Whale Bay in the saftey of the Bay of Islands after making a pleasant voyage down from Oruatemanu Island during the stillness of night with a light NW wind filling our sails….
Once we had awoken from our refreshing morning mineral spa, trainees quickly mucked in to get the daily chores done so breakfast could be had. After dishes clean up was completed, we lowered Little Tuck in the water for dingy races around the mother ship. Kyron and Tiaaki showed excellent form in the rowing challenge taking the win. Daniel and Lisa came in at a very close 2nd. Well done teams!
While Little Tuck races where underway, the rest of the trainees took turns in scaling the mast to touch the end of the lower yard arm to acquire their Tucker Turks head. Spencer received a lot of positive encouragement from his crew mates to ascend and conquer his fear of heights. Humbled by the support of his fellow shippys, he thanked everyone profusely for helping him overcome and achieve his climbing goal. Well done to Kaya and Tiaaki as well! Everyone gets a bracelet!!
With an appetite worked right up, Wayne made the best pumpkin soup ever! Some of us had 4 bowls! But what else makes it the best pumpkin soup ever? The freshest, and best bread made by Steve! Yum.
Now that we were stuffed to the gills, the only thing for it was a 2 hour hike around Moturua. Everyone piled into the dinghy, and we were away. Dan, Nicole and Spencer took the lead, followed by the rest of the crew. Kyron ran the whole circuit twice!
Night was settling in as we made our way alongside after the hike. The wind picked up so we headed for the shelter of Orokawa Bay where we tucked in to fresh crayfish for dinner!
The rest of the evening was spent in the Salon, laughing and swapping stories as Wayne and Pania made everybody their Turks head bracelet. Next thing we know, it’s bed time!!
The morning of the 20th came in fresh, but that didn’t stop the early birds going for the morning swim. Now, we’ve almost completed our book work, with a knot challenge being the highlight of the morning. 11 seconds set by Kyron is the time to beat! Wow!
Everyone is talking about tomorrow with mixed feelings. Some can’t wait, some don’t want to leave. But for now, we are enjoying each others company, and keeping up with the laughs.