Yesterday morning we awoke to clear blue skies and a beautiful sunrise while we took our morning plunge in the refreshing waters of Parekura Bay. Our chores were easily completed and a hearty breakfast went down well. After a lesson on nutrition we listened to the weather report so we could plan our day. Our navigators made a voyage plan to Waewaetorea Island where we could take advantage of the sun on the gorgeous white sandy beach.

After a quick trip from Parekura, we arrived at our destination where we dropped anchor and made our way ashore. Our first mission was to explore, we made our way up the track to the very top to enjoy the glorious view overlooking the Bay of Islands before we headed back down to the other side of the Waewaetorea to check out the pebble beach. Walking back across to the soft white sandy beach, we soaked up the sun with some sunbathing, built sandcastles and played games. With the wind picking up and a rain cloud in the distance we headed back to the ship to up anchor and find shelter in Kiekie Cove where we enjoyed a delicious pizza lunch. After lunch we decided to go for a sail. Using a reefed mainsail, foresail and both headsails we used the 25kt winds to guide us around Waewaetorea Island and down into Oke Bay. Upon arrival, TJ, Seth, Nathan and Mihi tried their luck at fishing. Mihi showed the boys how it was done catching a gurnard and a shark!

With the sun set and the stars shining we decided it was a good night for a game of spotlight on the beach. Our warmly camouflaged ninjas concealed themselves in their hiding places as the hunter, with his spotlight, went in search of his quarry.  The game ended with Jason, the last caught, becoming the supreme ninja at hiding. Back on the ship we were greeted with dinner, lamb boil up, which went down well after a long eventful day.