Kiaora everyone!! Well its been 7 weeks of intensive maintenance and now the Good Ship has all her bits put back together, with quite a lot of new bits, she looks stunning!!! This morning we loaded up with 11 trainees from all over northland, and 4 crew, we have set off for the big blue yonder once again, for this years 11th youth trip. How exciting!!!
With a stiff westerly wind blowing, it was a quick exit past Tapeka. With a bit of a ground swell rolling through from yesterdays wild front, we got a taste of the boats gracefull movement, a good intro for the trainees.
We spent the first few hours under way to our lunchspot, whilst the trainees orientated themselves with the ship and unpacked their gear into their bunks, meeting their roommates, and finding their sealegs. Some had a try at climbing the shrouds, and riding the bowsprit, Taylor, Bess, and Hannah proved to be the monkeys of the bunch, and at every chance Harmony could be found on the bowsprit with a huge grin on her face.
With the fresh air and excitement, everyone worked up a great appetite for the yummy lunch marsha prepared, pumkin soup and hot bread. Yum!
We had to make a quick trip back to Russell, this afternoon, as we left this morning from opua, with one trainee missing. So when we picked up young Kurtis, this bought our numbers up to 12 trainees. When Kurt was safe onboard we hoisted the fores’l and the inner jib, and headed out a second time, into the bay. We have anchored up at Parekura bay, nice and shelterd, marsha is cooking up a storm in the new galley, (thanks Sam)…The ship is full of laughter, and we have the whole week ahead of us… yipee!!