The highlights today I think can be brought into one word – FISH! That is to include the chocolate variety and line caught snapper.
First activity of the day was to hike up a big hill. We brought lunch and other supplies with us and sped up the step, bush clad hills in this unseasonably warm weather. The top of the hill had great views of the Mimiwhangata Peninsular and the clear, calm sea. We could see all the way north to Cape Brett and all the way out to the Poor Nights Islands. This is also where everyone was treated to some chocolate fish – yummy.
Down the hill on a different track brought us back to the beach with some rolly-polly practice on the grassy slope half way. Those not participating were very entertained! At the beach, most people went to play ‘bat-down’ (similar to cricket) on the sand. Others explored the old Pa site on the hill or played on the rope swing under the pohutakawa. At some point a sand castle competition began resulting in two strong Pa, a battle ship, a mermaid and an octopus.
Eventually the shadow of the hill reached the captain sleeping on the beach and we headed back to the ship. We had a swim and a swing and then weighed anchor and moved out into the bay to drift and try the hands at line fishing. As the sun set and the stars came out the snapper began to bite. The first fish caught by both Rob and Michael at them same time. Soon EVERYONE was catching fish; releasing the under size and keeping the big ones. Deanne and Bailey caught the two biggest fish (well after Tim’s whopper). For Calais, it was the first time fishing ever and she caught two!
Back at our same night anchorage now and dinner almost ready; I hear happy chatter and the sounds of a Scrabble being played.
We have some big plans for tomorrow but you at home will have to wait to find out what they have been!
Take care and good evening, from all us here on the Tucker!


Overnighting in the bay