Alas, our last day aboard has been met with mixed feelings, as we know that tomorrow we all go home and go our separate ways
Over the course of a week, Corrinna has overcome a fear of heights and came out smiling, Harmony is now the ship’s aunty, Ocean is most definitely the ring leader and we now have “twins” for everyone on board.
We’re doing great! We slept in until 0655! With Tamatoa being the first in the water for the ritual swim. The crew have been very lucky these last few days with the above and below deck duties being performed with little or no instruction, and we didn’t even have to make breakfast this morning!! Ocean, Harmony and Corrinna took care of that this morning. Thanks ladies 
Dishes away, Captain Steve gathered everyone in the saloon to ask about what to do today. It was quickly decided what it was we were to do today. Here is the ‘to do’ list:
Diving for crayfish
Diving for kina
Setting sails and sail to our next dive spot
More diving
Mussel gathering
Find an anchorage for the night
Scrumptious roast dinner
We have 4 more things to do on our list, with everyone participating with great enthusiasm. Tonight we will find safe anchorage in the Te Pahi Islands, where will dine like kings, and run around like fools in the dark.IMG_1610