Good evening from the good ship!
Our first day has been a productive one with the trainees going for a bush walk on Moturua after a motor through the bay playing the name game and becoming orientated with the ship. A quick lunch before we headed off through the bush.
Once back from their hike, all of the boys were immediately in the water for a cool down as the day cleared and became beautiful and hot! Seeing this as a perfect cool down from the walk, the girls weren’t too far behind.
Sufficiently cooled, we brought out the harnesses and gave everyone a chance to get a feel for the rigging with Matthew, Tuira, Kairo, Kacey, Morgan and Lucas making short work of laying out onto the lower tops’l yard and earning their Turks head bracelet! Well done everybody 
With dinner cooking away, we did a brief introduction to the work book and an outline of the week ahead. Everyone is getting to know each other by playing cards with the soft sounds of Matthew plucking away on the guitar.