Good afternoon everyone.
We awoke in Whangamumu Harbour to clear blue skies as our trainees enjoyed their first morning swim. Chores were completed and breakfast was devoured before we started our lessons on ship safety and navigation. After our brains were filled with information we decided to stretch our legs and go explore the whaling station and its waterfalls.
Upon our return to the ship we enjoyed a scrumptious pasta meal before we upped anchor to take advantage of the sunny weather and find another nice bay to explore. As we arrived Manaia, David and Ryanne were suited up and ready to go in search of kaimoana as the rest of the trainees stayed aboard to try out the rope swing, crack some bombs and try their luck at fishing.

With everyone back on board we upped anchor once more to set sail to Mimiwhangata. A gentle breeze blew us down the coast as Uncle Rodney filled our heads with knowledge with the history of this area. We arrived just on dark at Mimiwhangata and enjoyed a nice hot meal.

Tomorrow we will be waking up at 4am to set sail to the Poor Knights Islands for a snorkel and then moving on to Great Barrier Island for some more adventures.