Avast there me hearties and listen up to today’s tales from our journey of discovery. We awoke at 0700 hours to a mirror flat, glassy sea, of cobalt blue. We forgave the morning swim and got stuck into our ship chores immediately to race away to White reef in Deepwater Cove for a morning snorkel. We were greeted by a myriad of reef fishes that were all too keen to take our offerings of kina. After their fat little bellies were full we crossed the Cove to the cave of the Taniwha. All the girls (and Ashton) braved the dark eerie waters that dissolved into the hillside while Vinnie, Tyler and Kiwa bravely sunbathed in the dinghy.

With that adventure over the girls (and Ashton) wanted more and swam through an archway to the other side of the Cove to gather more kina. We returned to the ship, upped anchor and set sail for Cape Brett and the Hole in the Rock. We enjoyed a hot hearty soup on the way to prime us for a dinghy ride through the Hole and to explore Cathedral Cave. With another exciting excursion ticked off we made our way to Te Toroa Bay where we were greeted by a pod of inquisitive and friendly dolphins. After setting our anchor for the night it was time to celebrate Vinnie’s birthday with a scrumptious double layered chocolate gateau with cream, doris plum and jam filling, which was crafted by Kylie. Our trainees went for a sunset swim then climbed the rig to earn their bracelets. A delicious meal of spag bol is simmering on the stove and laughter rings throughout the ship. Ciao for now more updates tomorrow.

Ahoy there me hearties, tis the next day of our journey and the sky is another shade of scrumptious blue, and the sea still and clear. We are all so happy to be here in Te Toroa Bay, and it seems there is so much exploring to be done, that we have spent all of the day collecting kina, snorkeling amongst a myriad of fishes, fishing off the rocks, checking out the unspoilt beaches.. We have a mega walk planned for this afternoon, from the foot of Te Toroa over the Mountain of Steepness, to Whangamumu, hoping to catch a awesome view at the top of the ridge. Our trusty Ship will meet us over at the next Bay, and I’m sure we will be settling in for the night with tired feet and content minds… Cheers!!!