Greetings from the R.Tucker Thompson. Our day started with our keen trainees waking up the crew for their morning swim. With chores out of the way and breakfast demolished, we headed off for our first adventure, Oyster collecting. With trainees knee-deep in mud, we gathered enough oysters to fill all our bellies.

Back on the ship, we cleaned off the mud and prepared ourselves for our long walk from Totara North to Lanes Cove.

Upon landing at the entrance of the path songs were sung whilst laughter echoed throughout the mystical forest. The forest was calm and peaceful, with sounds of birds chirping and small animals scuttling across the forest floor. Once everyone reached the first river crossing Connor, Fabian and Rhys dived into the refreshing water to cool themselves off. Plenty of fish were seen in the water as we neared the end of our hike which inspired us for our next quest.

Upon arriving back at the ship we upped anchor and made our way toward the river mouth to drop our lines in the water. Unfortunately with lots of tiny nibbles we didn’t manage to catch a thing. On the bright side, Chris’s boil up is ready to be eaten. After dinner we’ll most likely go to bed to rest our weary eyes and prepare for our journey back into the Bay Of Islands tomorrow morning. Goodnight.