Kia Ora,
Today at 11h30 exactly, the R.Tucker Thompson, Gaffed rig topsail schooner, took off the dock of Opua for a new voyage ! 12 teenagers, 3deckhands (Sarihana, Alex and Nate) and Captain Tim went on their way for 7days at sea, going down the coast to reach Marsden harbour in Whangarei. After meeting each other with a name game, unpacking their bags, and an orientation tour, down below and up on deck, it was time for a macaroni cheese feast under the sun. We then arrived to one of the many anchorages of the beautiful Moturua Island. Before a walk expedition on this new ground, a class was dedicated to the Hoisting and Droping of sails, how to ‘make fast’ and to coil. Remember the number 3 is the Key! So we are ready for tomorrow. The walk was enjoyed by everyone, a little slippery due to the rain of yesterday, but that created more fun than damages.
Back on board, a hot chocolate was waiting for us, Thanks Captain 😉 Chloe, Kate, Rita, Azariah and Kezrah also went for a swim. Bringing the anchor up, we went to our night anchorage with a nice sunset. Opunga Cove was agreed, definitely sheltered from any swell. A safety brief and the explanation of their individual R.Tucker Thompson booklet just finished. It’s now a perfect moment for relaxing, laughing and playing for all our trainees, around the table, in the saloon. The dinner is on its way …
first day

at the top

chloe 1st swim