Greetings to you all from the warmth of our Good Ship.  It has been an absolute cracker today!! Everyone is quite aware that we return to port tomorrow, so they have tried to squeeze as much fun in as possible today. Starting the day at Oke Bay, and the usual dip into the sea for a wake up, with chores and a hearty breakfast out of the way, we set up a few games outside to challenge the team.

The first was the throwing line, with the sand bag on the end, and lollies and dishes immunity the reward for first to successfully land the bag into the life ring that was floating a wee way from the ship. Apart from Kylie and Steve showing the trainees numerous times how it was done, Tane had the best aim.

We moved onto the Lil Tuc rowing races around the ship after that. With the trainees paired up in their watch teams, the most favoured rowing style was waka ama style, which, with a tail wind on the port side of the ship, the speeds reached were pretty impressive. Nigel and Tane were the quickest, but everyone gave it a good shot and amazingly no one fell in the tide.

We weighed anchor mid morning and made a hasty way to Orokawa Bay to catch the low tide and indulge in abit of pipi and cockle gathering. Then we caught the westerly breeze across to the Black Rocks, and a few keen ones went on a hunt for some mussels. Those that stayed behind threw baited hooks, but to little avail, it was only Steve and Nigel coming through with the goods, one handsome kahawai, and 2 trevally. It was soon sun down so we weighed anchor again, and with the smell of fresh steamed mussels pouring from the galley,  we made way to our night anchorage of Whale Bay.

See you all at Opua tomorrow, a bit more salt under the skin and much wind in our hair.