Ra Wha
Evening from the Good Ship R Tucker Thompson, at anchor in Bucket of Kai Bay, and yes we have a bucket of mussels to munch on.
The morning swim was a delight with a clear view of the seabed, Maria after her usual lap around the ship, got a mask and Caylynn also had a quick look about before a shower and then above and below deck duties, breakfast and some class work before we upped anchor and motored around to Motuarohia with Jade taking the helm.
The high tide allowed the trainees to go for a dive in the wonderfully sheltered lagoon, a little beach combing and back on board for lunch. The southerly had got up to an excellent sailing breeze and hoisted sail for Moturoa Island. Delight as we came across some dolphin, one choosing to ride our bow. Through the Kent Passage and through some of the volcanic Black Rocks to our anchor.
Peanut butter and jam sandwich devoured we were ashore for a climb up to the gun emplacements for some navigational identification of the Bay we have journeyed about. Back to the beach for the traditional search for clothes pegs to replenish the ship supply and return. An expedition went in search of some kutai to fill our bucket, those that remained on board were soon meeting the Tucker challenge of going aloft to receive their anklet/bracelet which Jacinta achieved yesterday. Kapua, Oceania, Danika, Maunga, Reuben and Te Rere joined the group.
The breeze is easing as the ship fills with cooking smells and chatter, more quiz time and laughter.
Po marie
log 4