What an amazing few days we’ve had. Firstly, a wicked awesome leg stretch in Whangamumu, where Dante, Teina, Jimmy and Harmony harvested oysters right from the rocks and had a nice chill-out session to themselves. The other party of Jashana, Ashleigh, Reuben, and Kruz had a really good leg stretch up the trail, around the point to a beautiful lookout, then were picked up from the old whaling station. After dinner, we piled into the dinghy and had a hilarious game of spotlight.
The next day after the morning ritual swim, chores and breakfast, we headed out to find some fish! Our first spot the wind decided to blow right where we are and the anchor wouldn’t hold. So! The only thing to do is up anchor and find another fishing spot! So we did! Ashleigh holds the record for the most snapper caught, but unfortunately they were all undersize. Never mind, Teina made up for it with the biggest catch of the day. What a feast we had of Snapper, Crayfish and a bonus prize of Paua. Delicious!
Today a motor up the coast saw us underneath Motukokako, where crew member Geri took Ashleigh, Alamaine, Dante, Jashana and Julia through the Hole in the Rock.
Now we are snugged up in Army Bay, where we’ve been for a 2 hour walk followed by a scrumptious dinner and possibly another game of spotlight!