This morning we awoke in Oke Bay to yet again clear blue skies to greet us for our daily dip. Chores were completed in record time and breakfast was quickly devoured so we could up anchor and make our way to Deep Water Cove for a morning dive on White Reef. Our friendly finned friends amazed our trainees as they hand fed and played with the many species of fish there.

After a warm shower back on the ship we upped anchor to set sail for our next destination, Hole in the Rock. When we arrived we were greeted with a mild swell which made it possible to visit Cathedral Cave as well as passing through the Hole in the Rock. With that adventure accomplished we set sail back to Oke Bay where, on the way, Nathan and TJ managed to catch 2 skipjack tuna, YUM.

Back in Oke Bay the trainees decided they wanted to go ashore to play games on the beach and explore more of the bay. Nathan and TJ however, decided to enrol Captain Steve as their slave dinghy rower and ordered him to find a good fishing spot in Lil Tuc. Near on dark and 5 fish later they returned to the ship with their catch.

The smell of roast pork dinner is wafting through the ship as our trainees are making the most of their last night aboard the ship. Goodnight.