Greetings to you all from the Good Ship. Well, apart from the rain and chilly breeze, its hard to believe there is a big storm a happening outside. We are tucked up in Orokawa Bay, with plenty of anchor warp out, after a long voyage up the coast last night. Young Lukas was a trooper, steering the ship the whole way from Cape Brett all the way to our anchorage, a massive 2.5 hour watch. It was a big sleep once we finally arrived at midnight. Did I mention we could see the Hole in the Rock last night as we passed Motukokako, amazing!!
This morning went down as per tradition, waking at 7am for a quick dip into the sea, followed by a hot shower. The perfect wake up call. Chores were done and dusted and a huge breakfast demolished without further ado.
As we have a storm warning in force and high seas forecast, it was a obvious decision for us to hang out where we are today, anchor deeply imbedded in the mud, sheltered from the full brunt of the wind behind the hills. The sideways rain and strong winds didn’t deter some of the trainees from having another swim later in the day, as our instruments showed a water temp of 17 degrees, and the mention of the rope swing was too much for their curiosity.. . I’m sure we will be seeing more swing action over the next few days.

So we are hunkering down, with plenty of hot chocolates, chocolate brownies, books, stories, jokes and good vibes, Mathew, Dharia, Vahnce, Hamuera, Steve and Kylie even had a half hour fitness workout this morning to keep the blood pumping and the laughter rolling. Everyone has learned at least 5 new knots, a whole bunch of new nautical terminology, and are gaining the basic understanding of navigating.

We are all looking forwards to the improvement in the weather, and the chance to explore the Bay, a hunt for some kaimoana, the chance to catch a fish, and the potential for some fantastic sailing. Cheers!