Greetings from thy good ship to thy land lubbers today started as usual with a refreshing mineral spa, chores and breakfast… We then had a quick lesson on nutrition and passage planning and then raised the anchor to try our luck at fishing using all our tips and tricks, sadly we only caught small fish. We then decided to go and explore Motu Arohia island.

We went ashore and fossicked for treasures and scaled the track to the Pa sight for a panoramic view of the Bay of Islands.With this adventure over we had lunch then decided to go explore another island, Motu Rua. Upon arrival we were greeted with a mass flock of dolphins but sadly didn’t hang around for long, after the gaggle of dolphins left we landed in Awaawaroa bay, bush wacking our way up over the ridge to Homestead bay. Were we relaxed and played a couple of beach games till the sun began to go down.

We are still in Awaawaroa bay for the night tucked away nice and sheltered……… life is good 🙂