With the wind still roaring and the rain still pouring, Captain Uncle Steve was kind enough to let us off the morning swim today. After chores and breakfast were done our next teams prepared their bread in the shapes of the bell and the fork of doom! With the rain stopped it was a good opportunity to move on deck to test our trainees skills at a sail raising challenge. After the winners were found we moved on to our next on deck challenge, a naming the lines contest, where the trainees raced to locate the lines that were called.

The smell of bacon and egg pie with fresh bread soon drew everyone below deck as the rain began to pour again. After dishes were done we raised anchor to set sail to another safe haven, Jacks Bay. With only the foresail raised and a 40 knot tail wind we soon arrived at our new destination and enjoyed a hot choccy drink. As the winds and rain increased again we scampered below deck to challenge the trainees skills at a word find game and the famous Tucker quiz.

We are looking forward to a pork roast dinner followed by an evening’s entertainment, the trainees are putting on a talent quest to boost their point score before we make our way home tomorrow.