Ahoy there!
Yet another wonderful day aboard the good ship.
I don’t think we’ll ever get to 0700 with the wake up swim, as everyone is awake and bubbly just as the sun peeks over the hills. As per usual, Antz was the first in the water, followed closely by Tim, Jimmy and Lucas.
As the trainees are now used to the daily routines, they quickly sorted themselves into their groups and scrubbed the decks and polished the brass, with Tim, Lucas, Kacey and Rebbecca cleaning below.
Today’s lessons were a test your knowledge and how to stave off scruvy. The icing on the cake was also a lesson in marooning as the trainees were put ashore on Ngapukaparangi (Submariners rock)for a much needed run around and splash in the water.
Tim, Morgan, Rebecca and a few others also took this opportunity to learn how to row ‘Little Tuck’ in the shallows and get a feel for what it’s like in a small boat. Tim took to liking this so much, we’re pretty sure he spent at least 2 hours rowing around today!
We are now drift fishing off Motuarohia (Roberton Island) as the sun sets and friendships are becoming stronger, with quite a bit of talk about not wanting to go home on Sunday. Oh well.blog day 5 pic