Good evening everyone. Another marvellous day aboard the ship, was enjoyed by all. We awoke to blue skies and a marvellous view of the western arm of Whangaroa Harbour. Our trainees leapt with unbridled enthusiasm into the morning swim and daily chores. After marvellous Marsha’s mean feed we upped anchor and went in search of a place to catch a fish or two or three. We caught more than three but unfortunately the sizes weren’t very marvellous. So we all decided to go for another swim and try out the mega ropeswing.

With that feat accomplished we then set to demolish another one of marvellous Marsha’s magnificent munchies, a meal of chicken noodle soup followed by cottage pie. With our bellies full we planned a new adventure, rumours arose of a hot spring just around the corner in Onion Bay, so we set off on our adventure of discovery. Is there really a hot spring in Whangaroa Harbour? We returned keen for more adventures, so the Duke’s Nose rock climb was next on our list. The marvellous view was admired by everyone, the hard slog up was well worth the climb. Once more we are tucked away in the western arm of Whangaroa Harbour, looking forward to new adventures tomorrow.

Have a marvellous night whanau and friends.