Today started off cold, with everyone having a swim, and racing for the shower. Tiyoweh jumped in last and Marc went in his jocs! We left Mimiwhangata and motored out to Sugarloaf, and set the drop line just outside marine reserve, with hope to get some hapuka.
We set sail for the Poor Knights, and the fight for Marsha’s pizzas was on! The sail was awesome and we rocketed at 6knts towards Rikoriko cave.
After lunch we went in the dingy into the cave and it was so spectacular and warm, that we all decided we wanted to go for a swim inside Rikoriko. Even the scared were brave, with saftey in numbers, a few jumped off the tucker and swam in from there, and others went in the dingy. It was Flynn’s first time snorkelling and he was blown away!
On our out, we checked the dropline and pulled up a good size kingfish, and 2 school sharks!!! It was such a buzz for everyone!! Melanie said her muscles were aching from pulling up the line, and Rob had a wild bloodlust look in his eyes. The sharks became a great biology lesson and we had fun filleting them and getting a bit of a feel for the elusive jaws of the sea.
We finally set sail for Tutukaka, and anchored up safely, just on dark, for a mega clean up on deck. Such a beautiful night outside, and the feeling on the ship is warm and fuzzy…with a lot of natter in phoenetic alphabet, maybe we have had a bit too much fresh air and sun today….