Tena koutou Whanau , another day of adventure has unraveled for the crew aboard ‘the Good Ship’. At 0400hrs a bleary eyed, motley bunch of sailors emerged from their cocoons to a clear, moonlit morning. Our seasoned sailors sprung? into action and went about their assigned duties with Aiden and Josh climbing the rig to unfurl the topsails in the dark.

Other sailors were busy raising the anchor, raising the main, fore and head sails like a well oiled machine. It was a fantastic moonlit sail out to the Poor Knights Islands. After a hearty breakfast it was time to don the rubber suits and go exploring this magical place. To our delight, a school of large snapper turned up immediately after we entered the water and followed us into the next bay. We swam along the drop off seeing many species of fish all very tame and inquisitive. We explored caves, weed banks, boulders and more caves but the highlight was when a school of around 20-30 Kingfish, of about10-15kg, began circling us about 2 metres away. Absolutely amazing!! With everyone back on board we are now having a great sail back to Whangamumu to anchor for the night.

I think it may be an early bedtime as everyone looks weary, what a day!! Ma te Wa Whanau and Pomarie