Avast there me hearties, an’ listen up to our tales of fresh plunderin’s of Neptunes larder. Dawn broke on a lazy rollin’ swell as our new recruits snored soundly in their cots. The ships bell,was rung by the Captain,and caused a riot below deck as the sleeping beauties scrambled up on deck to be the first into the briny and the winner of the prize, a peanut slab !! Nyden was the winner. Breakfast of mince on toast, porridge and toast was devoured the ravenous hoard, whom have now developed a pirates appetite.

With lessons over , sun shining, and birds a diving, we set of for a mornings plundering. Urupukapuka Island was our chosen port of call, our divers ready, and a shore party keen to explore, we set off. After circumnavigating the island our shore party returned with tales and pictures of amazing scenery, Our divers returned with crayfish and scallops to add to our booty.

Hotdogs and crumbed scallops, chocolate brownies and coconut dreams, steaming hot chocolates and more steaming hot chocolates completed our lunch, and we set off for another bay of plenty. Waewaetorea island was next on our list and proved to be just as fruitful, more crayfish and scallops. With our larder full we motored of to Omakiwi bay for night anchorage. Raucous laughter, singing and jokes once again fills the air as our weary crew struggle to stay awake. What will tomorrow bring?