Ahoy there landlubbers! Stunning clear skies greeted our 8 new trainees as we headed out into the bay. We started off with introductions of trainees and crew followed by ship orientation before commencing training for a man overboard procedure, which wasn’t taken too seriously until we ran over Fred (a ball). Our second attempt was much more successful and Fred was rescued in a fairly short amount of time.

Trainees have been climbing the rigging and going out on the bowsprit and generally getting more confident in their new environment. Each trainee gets a turn to call into Russell Radio on the VHF radio to let them know where we are during the day and where we stay during the night. Later Damon, Daniel and Valintine went for a dive at the Black Rocks to collect some mussels and kina! While they were diving Charlie and Hayden played with the Frisbee on the ship to realize that it’s natural course was in the water. Hayden and Cory had to brave the cool water in a race to rescue it.

With the wind picking up we took the advantage to teach our trainees some of the sails. We raised the Mainsail, Foresail and Headsails and sailed towards our destination of Paroa Bay where we are now safely anchored for the night.