A blustery start to the day had us all dancing on our still bed warm twinkle toes for our ritual swim this morning! Brrrrr! But this did not deter our hardy trainees from getting that hot shower. All the morning chore pleasantries out of the way, we knuckled into some book work with a sail plan thrown into the mix. “Awesome!” Chimes April.
Laundry taken down, we were broken into our Port and Starboard watches to hoist the Mains’l. Manaaki, Calais, Taz and April all remembered the 3 main steps before we could actually set the sail, and had everything under control before getting the respective watches on the appropriate lines. Well done everyone! With Sama leading the Port watch, and Emma the starboard, the main was set quickly and efficiently. High fives all around.
Making 7 knots towards Fiji (hehehe) Shyla, Manaaki, Rawiri, Astin and Calais all donned harnesses to ride the gentle roll of the swell, and to live it up! All smiles all around, everyone thoroughly enjoyed the sail, and are keen to do it again tomorrow!
Late lunch and some down time, we spent the rest of what was left of the day ashore on Motuarohia for some bat down and an opportunity to walk the hill to gaze at the wonder that is the Bay of Islands.
Stay tuned for more awesome adventures!