Good Evening Folks at Home!

Hope you are all cosy and comfortable tonight in this foul weather. Here on board the Tucker, the main cabin is warm and full of warm laughter. Our final night’s dinner, a pork roast, is in the oven and the heat from the galley is keeping the whole ship warm.
This morning everyone was treated with a sleep in till 0830 and a slow and easy breakfast to start the day (and no morning swim!). All hands were happy with this because during the night, as forecasted, the rain started to fall heavy and the wind started to blow hard. We all sang happy birthday to Jacob and ate apple cake – yum! A final bunk inspection saw trainee Sobi win tidiest bunk. Then had to move the ship to a better anchorage when the wind changed and dolphins joined us for some of the way.
At anchor again trainees learned more lessons on biosecurity, buoys and beacons, and fishing regulations, below decks of course. Card games, chill time and lunch followed and much bonding. Some crazy people, Lelani, Wiremu and Preston, when for a swim and a rope swing in the rain and claimed it wasn’t so cold! Those below helped Nate peel potatoes and kumara for the roast and Panapa climbed all the way up the mast and out the yard arm to earn his sailors bracelet. Now the competition for best nautical skills is happening. Already Ameila has won best knowledge of the sails, Heath is the best so far… at knowing the phonetic alphabet, and soon there will be a competition to see who can tie knots the best.
So now we are anchored again in Orokawa Bay. Our last night together is going well despite the weather. No signs of cabin fever here. We will see you all back in Opua tomorrow afternoon – perhaps a little wet – but happy!
Jacob Birthday