Greeting to you all, from The Good Ship!!!  It’s been a great start to the first youth trip of 2013. Twelve trainees came aboard yesterday at Opua, ready and rearing to get out on the water. We headed out into the bay with such gorgeous sunny clear skies, half a meter of swell pushing in past Tapeka. We steamed out to Paradise Bay for lunch, all the orientation and safety briefing out of the way…Oliver was first up to the top of the shrouds, no sweat….After lunch, a huge swinging swimming session at Paradise. It turns out, almost everyone onboard loves swimming and diving, and with the water being so warm, we are going to make the most of it.

Rob and Shayna went aloft and unfurled the topsails, and we sailed under full rig, in a slight sea and light breeze, around to Orokawa Bay, and threw the anchor down into the mud for the night….

This morning, day 2 of the trip, everyone was up pre 7am and in the water. Shayna, Raven and Rupert were the first in the water and the last to get out, full of beans….With chores and breakfast out of the way, we dived into a whole morning of lessons. Latitude and Longitude, Recycling, Safety at sea, fishing regulations, by midday everyones brains were hurting and we were ready for a bit of fresh air. A few people put our little row boat ‘little tuk’ into the water, and had a bit of a play around, Phillip and Isiah had a swim, then we upped anchor and had a lovely sail over to black rocks for a spot of fishing and a dive.
The divers came back with a good haul of fat creamy kina and a few mussels for tomorrows lunch. Captain uncle steve was the only one to catch a legal snapper….all until we left the black rocks, and found ourselves in the middle of a fantastic kahawai frenzy, birds and baitfish and sharks all having their dinner.. over went the lures and we managed to hook 4 kahawai on the way to Whale Bay, where we are for the night, tucked out of the rolling swell.

As I write, Rob is whipping up a pot of hot custard to go with the ‘famous Tucker Chocolate Brownie’ that Maia made for us today. Hhhhmmmmmmmm………………