Kiaora from the good ship.

Today we woke to a sunny calm morning in Pipi Bay and the trainees were keen to jump in for another mineral spa. After chores and a hearty breakfast we planned our passage for the day and set off towards Whangamumu. The trainees learned the lines and then we set our sails in a good breeze. Aroha, Chris and Oliver all volunteered to go aloft and unfurl the topsails with a decent swell making the rigging rock and roll. Others entertained themselves by riding the bowsprit and had a few good waves to keep the smiles on their faces. We made great headway under sail but by the time we rounded Cape Brett the wind had strengthened and the exciting gusts caused us to strike the sails and proceed under power.

The afternoon was spent with a great snorkel and dive in Outu Bay. There were lots of friendly fish and although Hamish couldn’t find any legal crayfish, the rest of us harvested plenty of Kina. With the wind now coming from the South West we weighed anchor and headed into the safety of Whangamumu. The trainees are brushing up on their chart work and as we wait for the feast that Janna is preparing. Who knows what adventures tomorrow will bring.