Dinner last night was a great hit with everyone! All the trainees seem to have slipped into their new lives easily and are getting to know each other and making new friendships.

It had been a long day though, with many of them up early travelling to Whangarei so it wasn’t suprising that everyone was very tired. At 9pm and even before dessert the trainees were asking to go to bed already! So we did our usual high and low points for the day, with all trainees saying their high point was being on the ship, even those who had been reluctant and nervous getting on at the beginning.

Anchor watches were given out and by 9.30pm everyone was getting into bed. The seas were calm and the night warm….ish and all trainees managed to get out of bed and onto deck for their 2hr watch. Hot chocolate and a baggy wrinkle (the fluffy things in the rigging) lesson kept everyone going.

At 7am it was time for the first competition of the day. Morning Swim! First team in the water was Pompallier, then Otamatea, Opononi, Kaitaia, Dargaville, Whangaroa. So the first points have been scored and the teams are starting to talk strategies. Well done to Pompallier for coming first this morning but they might have to watch out tomorrow.

Morning chores followed with decks being scrubbed, floors mopped and brass polished. We were ready for the day.

After breakfast and a few lessons the main sail was set and we weighed anchor. With Nathan, Christine, Ngture and Jessica steering and navigating we headed for Tutukaka. A bit of swell on our way up caused a few people to re-examine their breakfast but everyone handled it very well with no complaints. Michael was at the helm all the way to Tutukaka singing and humming but feeling a bit guilty that he was having more fun than everyone else!

We anchored up and everyone was instantly feeling better and digging into lunch, happy to be out of the swell.
After lunch Leon managed to make a deal with Captain Steve offering that if he made Jelly would Steve buy him ice cream. So for dessert tonight it’s homemade jelly made by Leon and ice cream bought by Steve. So I hope the jelly sets and the freezers cold enough not to melt the ice cream!

After more lessons everyone was back on deck practicing throwing a line and rowing. All practice helps for the competition! Before it got dark we headed back out to pick up a fishing line Rob had set and to much excitement we caught a great sized snapper. Yum…… fish for dinner.

So still time for a few more points to be won tonight but for now everyone playing cards and waiting for dinner.