A good evening to all….our good ship is alive with excitement and nervous energy after a fun filled day. Our adventures started with the morning swim, our trainees were up early at 0630 to brave the morning chill, Zac and Daniel hit the water first.

After a hearty breakfast and our lessons finished, it was off to explore Whale bay. Nic took Naomi, Cody, Tayla, Tegan and Kieran snorkelling to gather some mussels, while Captain Steve took Joshua, Daniel, Zac and Aidan and went looking for kina and crayfish.

On board, our cook for the day, Janna, prepared a bacon and egg pie and Annaliese made a special treat, chocolate brownie. With our dive completed and lunch devoured, we set sail to Oke bay. A 20 knot N/East breeze helped to provide a exciting sail across the bay and our new sailors have found their sealegs. After anchoring in Oke bay, we were greeted by a pod of friendly Bottlenose dolphins which really topped our day off. Tomorrow our plan is to sail around Cape Brett to Whangamumu, so it sounds like another adventure filled day for all, Yeeha!!