Kia ora from the Good ship R Tucker Thompson, another great day at sea and land. The early morning swim had a little sunshine with it and duties were complete as the first shower arrived for breakfast.  In class for some puzzles and a quiz while the divers searched for the nest found the previous night, successfully. Two bowls and a spoon recovered after the rinse bucket was recklessly emptied over the side, clearly visible from the deck. Then we collected the Doc Ranger’s son , Ben, soon to celebrate his 11th birthday and went sailing. Across to Whangaruru, unable to lure any fish, we returned through the channel to our overnight anchorage on the south side of Mimiwhangata peninsula. The galley was taken over by Saphyre, Erana, Bradley to create a banana cake while the rest went ashore for some sports, walks and talks. Our treasure a handful of watercress for the dinner table. Back on board master chef Jason created the ultimate icing for the cake.
Now we are all in recovery mode awaiting dinner and an early night with an 0500 hours start to sail into the dawn and around the corner back to the Bay of Islands for our last night. Hot chocolate drinks and banana cake await us.IMG_2321