Yet another gorgeous day spent aboard the good ship!
Morning rituals out of the way,we headed out of Homestead and made our way towards Cape Brett. With hopes of a sail home, we were greeted with flat, glassy waters with many a fisherman out in their boats and kayaks.
“Skipper Sarah” steered us towards Waewaetorea where we anchored up and had a yummy pizza lunch and some delicious chocolate cake baked the night before by Tasmin, Sheynae, Maraea and Yarna.
Once ashore, we did a massive beach clean up on the windward side of the island, then were left to explore the many wonderful trails, or just simply enjoy the beautiful weather looking for shells.
We fished a bit when we came back to the ship, but the sun was setting and we needed to head to a different anchorage to hunker down for the night. Talk of going home tomorrow and catching up at school seems to be the hot topic of the moment, with a few not wanting the week to end.