From the good ship R Tucker Thompson. We started the day off with the usual morning swim, a soak under the steaming hot shower followed by the morning duties while we waited for our enjoyable breakfast of baked beans on toast.

After breakfast we continued a couple hours of class and tested their knowledge with a fun quiz. The winner who guessed the most amount of answers right won CHOCOLATE!! Congratulations to Lena Huia who won the prize.

Full of energy we decided to make way for land where half the trainees played games, swum and sunbathed on the beach while the others decided to make use of their time and trek one of the tracks on Urupukapuka Island. When we arrived back to the ship in the early afternoon a flavoursome curried rice lunch was warm and ready waiting for us.

The afternoon was time for the trainees to bond, swim (everyone jumped in today) or have the traditional tucker rowing races around the ship where Lena Huia came in first and Elle not far behind.

After getting warm we are now about to introduce nutrition to the trainees (why it’s so important) and finish up the last night together in anticipation for our final feast of hot pork roast.

Goodnight! See you tomorrow!