Brrrrrrrrr that south wester made for a cool swim, Kelly was in first and had the shower to herself for a bit while the others pranced about the deck, eventually all swam and showered. The welcome smell of conditioner below decks is much appreciated on day six.
Breakfast and chores complete, taking advantage of a brisk, crisp breeze we put Tucker through a rigourous up wind sail to Motuarohia. Having a few tacks under our belt the trainees soon had the lines under control. After a pizza lunch we were ashore for a welcome excursion, up the lookout for some fine views of the Bay, Jessie, Kelly, Simeon diving in the lagoon with a variety of fish species present while Pania, Pappilon, Dafydd, Matt and Tim combed the beachfor shells, a hunt for the smallest kina. Everytime a “keeper” was found Matt managed to beat it. How about a Brachiapod, Matt got it, aluminium can tab, surely the only one on the beach, with sure deliberate steps and a keen eye, Matt found one. Jackson, Joseph and Cole headed back to the ship for a swing and bomb, then back ashore to the lagoon. The divers then swam back to the ship leaving a small party ashore to relaunch the tender and join the ship, team work.
A nice anchorage a little closer to home, a little more sheltered, a bit better fishing, well two out of three. Paroa bay tonight, another oarsome star night, trainees on deck still yaking away, mostly about tomorrow. “Can you ring my Mum/Dad, I’m sure they will forget” , so please don’t!
A big morning ahead getting R Tucker Thompson all ship shape and tiddly for coming alongside at 1400 hours, thats 2pm at Opua. We have had some great weather and some stink weather but all the trainees have hung in their with help from their new shipmates.
Po marie