Wow! What a day we’ve had! We awoke in Paradise for our early morning wake up swim and our new trainees all participated with great enthusiasm. After the swim our new crew was introduced to life aboard with ship chores, breakfast and our daily lessons. With their new found knowledge of navigation and chartwork the trainees then plotted the course for the Cavalli Islands.

We arrived at the Cavalli’s after a 4 hour voyage where Ray, Cassie, Sharon, Hayden and Connor went for a snorkel in search of crayfish while the others stayed on board and tried their hand at fishing. Unfortunately Tangaroa wasn’t so generous today, but maybe our luck will improve tomorrow.

We moved to our night anchorage at Waiiti Bay and played a game of naming the lines. The starboard team won and claimed the grand prize of chocolate. After the prize giving another treat was to be had, Chef Marsha baked an amazing banana cake to celebrate Christian’s birthday turning the big 16.  We then abandoned ship in a little rowboat and inflatable dinghy and went to the beach to do a beach clean up. Sharon and Cassie stayed behind to help with making desert to follow our roast chicken dinner.

Back on board the ship now our book work is finished, laughter is loud and we are looking forward to a kai and a moe. Pomarie.