Kiaora koutou….

Twas a gorgeous morning this morning for the first of our 7am swims.. The water is still quite ‘warm’ at a healthy 19degrees. It was Fabian in first, for the prize of the chocolate fish, and the rest of the trainees not far behind him, squeeling and hooting at the shock of the dip…

Once the deck was scrubbed and the floors and loo cleaned, we keenly devoured a hearty warm breakfast. There was much peachyness in the clouds in the east this morning, and as the old tale goes, red in the morning, for us to heed warning. Our barometer is slowly dropping and the weather man on the vhf has called for a fair westerly wind to come thru late this afternoon, and a dollop of rain this evening.

We could have easily argured the validity of this forecast this morning, as the sun was beaming hot and absolutely no wind to be seen. After some lessons on navigation, weather and ship board safety, we took the oppourtunity outside to put or wee row boat ‘Lil Tuk’ into the sea, and set up a heaving line challenge with the life ring. Most trainees had a jump into the water, again, and Tiaho, Lloyd, Fabian and Kylie had a quick snorkel at the rocks to collect some kina. Conner and Tara did some big jumps from the shrouds.

Once dried up and fed, (the kina didn’t last long too), we set about the rowing challenge. The idea was to row ‘Lil Tuk’ the quickest, in pairs. Lloyd and Tara spent most of their time rowing backwards with Tara being a tad unruly with her oar. Jenny and Fabian sped around in records time of under a minute, taking out the glory of the win.. plenty of laughs.

By this time, the wind had freshened to a cool 10-15 knots, so we weighed anchor, and hoisted the sails,  setting out into the middle grounds for a lovely sail and then over to Whale Bay.

We are safely tucked up in whale bay for the night, can hear the kiwi calling on the mainland. The rain should come through while we are sleeping tonite, and we shall see what tomorrow brings.