Kia Ora Whanau,

No morning swim today but instead the trainees were awoken extra early in the pursuit of sunrise. After a bit of heel dragging from crew and trainees alike, we left the ship bleary-eyed and headed to the beach at Lane Cove. Once the dinghy was pulled up on the mud and tied to a tree we set off on our intrepid adventure to scale the Duke’s Nose. Everybody was quick and sure-footed as we scrambled up the clay and rocks to reach the top. On the summit plateau we were greeted by shafts of sunlight piercing the early morning cloud, lighting up the placid sea below; beautiful. After enjoying the moment and the obligatory photo shoot, tummies rumbled loudly enough to tempt us back down the hill to the ship for a hearty breakfast.

Our next adventure was to be diving and snorkeling so with Lloyd at the helm we set off down the coast to an area known only as the Cray-ground. It did not disappoint and it seemed like there were Koura hiding under every rock and patch of seaweed. With the guidance of Captain Uncle Steve, Tiaho and Chris managed to catch their first crayfish. Meanwhile, back on the ship Lloyd, Fabian and Kylie were harassing the baby snapper in search of a legal fish. Many fish were caught but sadly none of them made the grade so they were all sent back to the deep blue to grow bigger for next time. Unfortunately we didn’t have any more success when we stopped off at Kingfish point for fish on the way back into the harbour.

It has been a long day but the troops are still keen for a bit of night fishing so hopefully we will have better news to report in the morning. Farewell from the Good Ship after another day in paradise.