Welcome to the tale of yet another phenomenal day aboard the R Tucker Thompson. The crews’ slumber was disturbed by the sound of eager trainees scampering above deck in preparation for their morning plunge into the phenomenal crystal clear waters of Whangamumu Harbour. With the routine chores completed we discussed our plan of action for the day. Our now competent navigators and sailors hoisted anchor, raised the sails and made our way out of Whangamumu and steered the ship towards Mimiwhangata.

A stiff 20 knot S/Westerly breeze enabled us to enjoy a phenomenal sail down the coast to Rimariki Island where we stopped to try our luck at fishing. Vinnie caught the first fish being a decent sized Pigfish followed by Michaela who caught 2 nice sized snapper. A few more Pigfish and Trevalley filled up the bucket which will be yummo tomorrow. With the fishing over we settled for the night in Mimiwhangata Bay where we went ashore exploring and enjoyed a nice walk on the beach while absorbing the phenomenal sunset.

We returned to the ship and were treated to a phenomenal meal of corned beef with a tonne of veggies, just the recharge we needed for a game of spotlight on the beach before we go to bed. Goodnight for now.