Pirate ship finds Gold

By rtuckert |
 March 21, 2017 |
The R. Tucker Thompson has been assessed by Qualmark under the new, more stringent criteria and has been awarded Qualmark Gold for their organisation. Since being wholly owned by Tourism New Zealand, the Qualmark criteria have undergone a major overhaul. Previously tourism activities were simply awarded a pass or a fail. Now, they are assessed under a set of criteria which relate to how well the overall experience represents the best New Zealand has to offer. To help travelers understand the breadth and depth of what Qualmark stands for, there are now three key pillars:

  • .An environmentally friendly and holistically sustainable experience
  • Where safe principles and practices are part of every experience.
  • Where you will always find a genuine welcome and true New Zealand hospitality.

According to Qualmark, they have assessed 300 businesses in the past 12 months and around 55% have achieved bronze, 36% have achieved silver, while only 8% have achieved a Gold rating.

We are delighted that we have been recognised by Qualmark for the experience we provide to our passengers and be in that top 8% of tourism providers. Our crew and our “Good Ship” look forward to welcoming you on board!