Greetings from the good ship to thy land lubbers this morning 0700 hours our trainees experienced their first refreshing mineral spa with Ash being first of the trainee’s in closely followed by Casey and Anastasia (Stars). The boys were, it has to be said, somewhat lacking in courage compared to the girls. Despite the water being 17.8 degrees C and almost tropical.

First stop of the day was Moturua Island and Pipi Bay. The track around the island provided the most superb opportunity for the bush men onboard to show their skills. William in particular hiding in the forest and leaping out at the trainees giving them a fright, almost invisible they were in their full camouflage gear. It’s quite noticeable on our regular visits to the islands now that the bird song is really increasing now.

The trainees enjoyed the luxury of the DOC composting toilets. A great chance to use heaps of toilet paper and not risk having to get personal with the Fork of Doom used to unblock the loo onboard. The putatara shell made the most excellent horn to let the ship know the crew were returning from their mission, the other yachts in the bay being somewhat confused by this strange noise though. The highlight of the trip though being when a trainee found a peg. The skipper’s theory of every island in the bay having a stray peg on it holding true.

The seafood chowder was missing a few ingredients so its off to the scallop bed in Otaio Bay we went. Snorkelling was great and even the dolphins came to play for a little while. The serious hunter gatherers did not disappoint and soon 23 juicy huge scallops lay on deck.

Our trainee pirates are doing well and were enjoying lessons in splicing. Terry, Tom and Joe Brown just a blur of ropes and kids working hard at the stern.

The wind by now was blowing hard and the seas were building as Tela and Luke harnessed themselves to the bowsprit to ride the waves. Sail was set and the good ship charged off in a shroud of spray Casey and Tom helming all the way to Orokawa Bay. We will hide here for the blow that is due to come through tonight.

The crew had chance to do a pirate boarding here as the Ipipiri anchored alongside us for the night. Captain Basil and his crew being kind enough to give us the full guided tour from keel and engine to the skippers cabin and its special ladder to the bridge. All very impressive but all our trainees agreed that the good ship was best, after all a shiny plastic steering toggle is not a patch on our proper wood and polished brass ships wheel.