Greetings from the Good Ship!
Today we awoke in Tutukaka Harbour where our trainees endured their first morning swim at 0700 hours. After our refreshing dip we upped anchor to make our way to the Poor Knights Islands. Chores were completed along the way and a hearty breakfast was demolished before we arrived 2 hours later.

With the sun hiding behind clouds only Ducati and Taurua were brave enough to test the chilly waters. After an amazing dive checking out caves and swim throughs we made our way to Rikoriko Cave to discover the wonders that lives inside.

Back on the ship we set the Mainsail, Foresail, Headsails and Topsails to make our way towards Whangamumu Harbour entrance for some fishing. Unfortunately the fishing didn’t work out that well so into the Harbour we went to anchor for the night.

Before the sun set, our water rats, David, Ducati and Tauroa stayed on the ship to try out the rope swing while everyone else went ashore to explore the whaling station and try their luck at fishing off the rocks. Once again the fish weren’t hungry, but our trainees were so back on the ship we went to have some delicious lamb curry before we settled in for the night.