Rikoriko caveAnother incredible day at sea on R Tucker Thompson. Our day started in Tutukaka harbour with an early awakening from jimmy and taina so keen on their morning swim they got up at 6.30am! We weighed anchor and had breakfast and completed chores on the way out to the Poor Knights Islands. On arrival Alamain spotted a seal in the water then more were spotted climbing onto the rocks to be with their pups as well as scratching and sunning themselves. For many trainees this was the first time they had seen seals in the wild – what a buzz. Most were keen on a dive so we swam through Blue Maomao Arch in perfect vis and saw lots of fish and strange jelly creatures. Reuben stayed in the water for the longest even without a wetsuit. After a warm up and some bombs off the boat two trips were made to riko riko cave which is so big you drive boats and can turn around.
As we headed back in towards Whangamumu we enjoyed a fabulous lunch of macaroni cheese. After this we did a passage plan so we knew how many miles we had to go and roughly how long it would take. Today Harmony, jashana, Ashleigh and Dante steered and Dante also earnt his turks head bracelet. There was much excitement as a blue shark was spotted finning across our bow and we are now heading in to anchorage at Whangamumu.