Greetings from the Good Ship. We awoke this morning at 0400 hours to a starlit night in Whangamumu Bay. Captain Uncle Steve was kind enough this morning to let our trainees avoid a morning swim and instead, raise the anchor and head on our 6 hour journey towards Poor Knights Islands.

We set all the sails and sailed as much as we could, unfortunately the wind was dying and we wanted to make it sometime before Christmas, so we decided it was time to turn on the underwater sail. On the way we witnessed a spectacular sunrise before completing our chores and consuming our breakfast with vigorous passion.

Ryan steered us to a lovely dive spot where we enjoyed a snorkel through crystal clear waters with amazing sea life. After we dried off we went around the corner where we took the tender to explore a large cave. We ate our lunch on the way towards Tutukaka where we stopped at the entrance to use up the rest of our bait. Sadly we had no luck. We are now settled in Tutukaka where we are looking forward to a roast pork for dinner. Our trainees are looking forward to their last swim tomorrow morning before we head down to Marsden Cove.

See you there!