Greetings from the good ship to thy land lubbers, early rise it was this morning. 0400 weighed anchor and hoisted sails taking advantage of the NW breeze, course set for the Poor Knight’s. Once the sails where raised was time to observe Matariki in all its glory whilst enjoying a cup of hot chocolate. The trainees then split into watches, half braved the cold and half snoozed, then we were all up at 0800 to start our chores and have breakfast outside the NE side of Rawhiti Rahi.

As usual trainees wasted no time to get dishes done, wet suits on and off to explore the depths of the marine reserve with multiple snapper coming to observe us as we swam through nooks and crannies of their environment.

Then on to the W side of the island to enter the great Rikoriko sea cave its vast cavern always amazes those who enter, once our appetites for adventure was clenched a  course set for Cape Brett was established. We are now anchored in Oki bay we are all tiered from our long day of adventure. All is well…..

Ma te wa