Kia ora from the Good Ship R Tucker Thompson.
A most peaceful night at Otupoho (Homestead), it was unanimous, the morning swim was the best to date, and so too the weather was looking rather pleasant for a day of fine adventure. Duties were followed by an early class before a breakfast in preparation of some weed control ashore.The target species was an recent establishment of young wattle, no match for the trainees as can be seen by the before and after photos attached.
Back on board it was extreme swim and swing time before lunch and setting sail for a broad reach across the Bay. Distracted only by a big work up of gannets, shearwaters and kahawai, Andrew, Michael and Neenah all hooking up but no fish landed.
Tacking the ship back towards Motukiekie, those not fishing, Lucia, Materoa, Kayleigh were down in the galley creating some special shortbread, Rima, Davis and Nuku were on deck with the ukelele creating a beautiful polynesiasn atmosphere. Phoenix and Sabia were about wandering between the activities.
Returning to last night’ s anchorage, a dive party were soon splashing about after kina, with another swim session off the ship continuing to dark when the smells from the galley eventually brought everyone below to regroup.
Looking towards another busy day apopo.
Po marie