We awoke this morning in Parekura Bay, to a clear blue sky that greeted us for our morning swim. We sped through our chores, breakfast and lessons to go off in search of some productive fishing grounds. Te Marie took the helm as we weighed anchor and ventured off to the Albert Channel. We dropped anchor behind one of the Islands and tried our luck, unfortunately all we could catch were undersized snapper. So off to another spot where our luck was a little better with Te Aho catching a trevally and Captain Uncle Steve a kahawai. A delicious pizza lunch was had on deck before we upped anchor and made our way into Oke Bay.

The trainees made the decision to explore the caves and coastline towards Cape Brett, so we lowered the dinghy and off we went. We found some very interesting and exciting places which need further investigation tomorrow.

With the sun sinking into the horizon, we landed on Oke beach to play soccer and ballrush which hopefully may have tired our energetic crew out enough to have a peaceful slumber tonight. Goodnight.