Afternoon all, Just a quick hello from us here on the Tucker,
Tonight we will be anchoring in Whangamumu Harbour, a place the crew knows there is no reception for sending out a blog later. Therefore I’ll give you folks at home a little up date now.
This morning we woke to a beautiful calm sunrise again and although the air is getting colder the morning swim was okay. After chores and breakfast, the crew moved the ship and the trainees had some nautical lessons on the way to Mimiwhangata beach. Everyone went ashore at the beach. It was sunny and wonderful. Between all a lot of rubbish was collected and we took it away with us. On the Western end of Mimiwhangata beach there is a Pa site which everyone climbed and got a good view looking down on the ship.
After that little excursion, everyone back on the boat help set sail and using our Mainsail, Foresail, Headsails, and Course we zoomed out to sea! We were doing 6 knots – no motor required! After a lunch under sail and some nice sailing weather we had to change course and head towards our destination which meant taking down the sails and turning on the motor again. As we did this a shower of rain came down and we all got wet, but there was a big rainbow afterwards.
Now we only have a little way to go to Whangamumu Harbour as we continue our voyage North and tomorrow we will be heading into the Bay of Islands.

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